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Delve into Quarriers history or download information for schools. Get the latest news about activities and the most up to date training in social care. Quarriers resources are designed to be easily accessible.

Find information about Quarriers

Quarriers resources include information about tracing your family history and education guides on the life of William Quarrier. You can also search our database of children who stayed in Quarrier homes.  Click on the links to find out about training in social care or see how Quarriers works now by opening up our news section. There’s a wealth of Quarriers information to discover.

The William Quarrier Conference Centre

State of the art facilities, offering you choice and value for money in a fantastic contemporary location. Bright and freshly furnished and decorated rooms, with a range of layout options to choose from.

Trace your family history

Are you one of the 30,000 children who found a home with Quarriers? We hold records of Quarriers Homes children from as far back as the 1870s with detailed information beginning in the mid-1960s. You can search our secure digital database free of charge, only paying if you find what you’re looking for. Quarriers genealogy services offer a wealth of family facts and information. Contact us to find out more about the Quarriers family. 

Schools information about Quarriers

William Quarrier featured prominently in the ‘Notable Christians’ section of the Scotland’s 5-14 curriculum. The new curriculum for excellence in Scotland still offers primary school teachers the opportunity to teach children about the life and legacy of William Quarrier. In secondary schools, the work of Quarriers fits neatly into the syllabus for religious education, business and history. Contact us for a copy of the William Quarrier schools information pack.

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