Case Studies

A woman supported by Quarriers smiling.

At Quarriers we provide round-the-clock support to many thousands of people across Scotland and the UK. But it's not enough that we just talk about it: what's much more important is hearing what people have to say about the support they receive, and how it has transformed their lives. Here are just some of the stories from people we support.

Alison's story

Alison is 45 and has a learning disability. She’s just been allocated an individual budget so she’s at a point in her life that requires careful planning – something Quarriers has an expertise in providing. Alison's life has turned around in just a few months and Quarriers helped make that happen.

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Jenny's story

Life has been difficult for 26-year-old Jenny, but with the support of Quarriers Together We Can Service, a brighter future lies ahead for Jenny and her baby.

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Young carers

Through our Carers' Service in Moray we support 850 Carers of all ages. They may not be what you expect. They may not be what they expect. Many young people are unaware they've become a Carer, especially when the problem centres around substance abuse, but Quarriers is here to help.

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Dawn's story

The prospect a lifetime of dealing with the impact of your husband’s epilepsy takes its toll, and that compounded with helping your daughter manage her condition can make life very challenging. With Quarriers help, Dawn's life is now very different.

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Andrew's story

For adults with a learning disability, taking part in a range of activities is important for establishing a daily routine, getting out into the community, developing confidence and meeting new people.

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