Quarriers Genealogy and Records

Approximately 30,000 children spent at least some of their childhood in the Orphan Homes of Scotland, a name changed in 1958 to Quarriers Homes. Each child’s entry to and departure from the Homes was recorded as was basic information about the family’s circumstances. Records generally include more information about the progress of the individual child from the mid-1960s. These records are now contained on a securely held digital database and have a simple search facility.

If you were a former boy or girl or are checking the information held on this website on behalf of a friend or relative who was, read about our Genealogy and Records Service to find out about the service we offer to former boys and girls.

If you are a descendant or other associate of a former resident, whether they were migrated to Canada, Australia or remained in Scotland, we can share information from records we hold, within the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2000.

If you have reason to believe the relative you are seeking was here, we can search the database free of charge. You will only be asked to make a payment if your relative was here and you would like a copy of the record.

Please complete the Genealogy Enquiry Form if enquiring whether a specific person had been resident here, or the Genealogy Payment Form if you know the person was here and you would like a copy of the information held. For all general queries relating to the past, you can also email Quarriers Records.