Scotland's Family Appeal

Quarriers has launched a Scotland-wide campaign urging people not to ignore those in desperate need and to stand with us to help children and families.

The campaign kicked off with TV adverts and features 7 year old Amy.  It shows the desperate situation she finds herself in: cold, hungry and lonely, while her mum has disappeared for a couple of days.  Her mum has issues with alcohol which often forces Amy to fend for herself and at times, look after her mum.

Some may find the advert distressing and others may think that it simply doesn’t happen here, but it does, right on our doorstep.  We have used a child actor in the advert but the story is very real.  Quarriers support children like Amy every day.  We also help Amy’s mum so that life for them both is better.
The TV advert forms part of our wider campaign that highlights Quarriers’ work in fighting for Scotland’s most vulnerable families.

Using the media to raise awareness of the challenging issues faced by children and families in Scotland is not new to Quarriers.  In 1864, William Quarrier wrote letters to The Herald newspaper to raise awareness of the desolate children living in Glasgow who desperately needed help.  He asked for the people of Scotland to support him in his vision of creating futures for these children.  And that is exactly what we’re doing today.

The money we raise from the campaign will allow us to invest in new and innovative services to reach even more children and families to ensure they have a safe and secure future.

Let’s hope that together, Scotland can give more children like Amy the childhood they deserve.