About Quarriers

A female Quarriers staff member playing football with a woman Quarriers support.

For us, helping others is a family thing.

Quarriers is a Scottish charity dedicated to helping children, families and adults overcome adversity. We’re an organisation with a long track record and an inspiring history.

Quarriers is a Scottish charity

Our charity’s founder, William Quarrier, began working in a pin factory at the age of six. Often barefoot and frequently hungry, his experience of the poverty and inequality of Glasgow in the 1800s shaped his desire to help others. Having worked his way up from the very bottom, he set about establishing Quarriers Village, a home for orphaned and destitute children, in 1871.

Over 140 years later, Quarriers is one of the leading charities providing social care in Scotland.

For families in Scotland and across the UK

We know that families come in all shapes and sizes and so we offer flexible support. Across the UK, we run 100 different services which help thousands of people in urgent need. Our staff members are experts in providing care in a range of areas. We specialise in giving children and families and young adults the opportunity to succeed and the support to overcome their problems. You can also come to us if you, or your loved one, need help dealing with epilepsy or adult disability.

The way in which we help people may have changed but the goal remains the same – we work to transform lives.

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