About Us

We believe in helping people to live the lives they choose. We provide practical support to help people learn, grow and be all they can be.

Our vision is for people to have greater independence, be included in their communities, and have choice and control over their support. We believe in challenging stigma and inequality, and giving people the opportunity to thrive.

About Us

We provide more than 100 services across Scotland. We are there for adults and children with a physical or learning disability, and families facing poverty, family breakdown and disadvantage. We are there to help young people facing homelessness or mental health difficulties, for carers of all ages, and for people affected by epilepsy.

It is important that our services are shaped by you and your needs. We are always with you, never without you.


The Promise

We support the principles of The Promise. Many of the children and young people we have supported through the years or continue to support have lived experience of care. To them, we pledge to work together to develop and deliver co-produced services, with them at the centre.

We pledge to listen and learn, be open and honest, and offer help to navigate the challenges that life presents.