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Quarrriers Annual Review 2019 – 2020


Income (£000s)

Outgoings (£000s)

Quarriers People and Partners

Our board and executive staff.

Directors (Board of Trustees)

Alan Frizzell – Chair (from 30 April 2020)
Professor Michael Greaves – Vice Chair (from 30 April 2020)
Thomas Scholes – Chair (up to 30 April 2020)
Sheila Gillies – Vice Chair (up to 30 April 2020)
Catherine Bell (from 1 December 2019)
Marjorie Calder
Patricia Cunningham (up to 30 September 2020)
Graham Findlay (up to 17 August 2020)
Glen Johnstone (from 23 May 2019)
Andrew Kubski
David McCallum (from 14 January 2020)
Allyson McCollam (from 22 November 2019)
Heather McKinlay
Nick Pascazio
David Watt
John Wood
Sandra Wright (from 26 August 2019)
Trish Godman (up to 21 July 2019)
George Peacock (up to 9 January 2020)
Ian Williams (up to 29 July 2019)

Executive Directors*

Dr Ron Culley – Chief Executive (from 6 April 2020)
Alice Harper – Chief Executive (up to 17 April 2020)
Andrew Williamson – Service Director and Deputy Chief Executive
Alistair Dickson – Director of People and Technology (from 18 May 2020)
Niall Macpherson – Director of Finance and Corporate Services
Ann Parkinson – Director of IT and Information Management (up to 15 May 2020)

*These directors, although designated as directors, are not statutory directors.

Company Secretary

Lesley-Anne Patrick (from 8 January 2020)
Christopher Harwood (up to 8 January 2020)

A message from Quarriers Board of Trustees

In April 2020, I was honoured to take up the role of Chair of Quarriers’ Board of Trustees, along with Vice-Chair Michael Greaves. On behalf of the Board, I would like to thank our previous Chair Tom Scholes and previous Vice-Chair Sheila Gillies for their fantastic work over the years. The organisation has benefited enormously from their tenure and they leave very big shoes to fill. Thank you also to Patricia Cunningham, George Peacock and Ian Williams for all their work during their time as Trustees.

Quarriers’ Board of Trustees is made up entirely of volunteers, each with their own unique skills, experience and insight. But one thing unites us: our belief in the incredible work that Quarriers does. We are proud to play our part in this remarkable, life-changing organisation. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and how we can work together to support the people who use our services to reach their true potential.

Alan Frizzell
Chair, Quarriers Board of Trustees

A message from Quarriers Chief Executive Officer

Like Alan, I took over at Quarriers in April 2020 from the previous Chief Executive, Alice Harper.  I’m very grateful to Alice for the generous way in which she offered her time, and of course for the past six years, during which she led this fantastic charity.  She, like I, was continually blown away by the quality of our services and the dedication of all those who help the people we support reach their true potential. As an organisation, we have faced a range of challenges but we have and will work together to overcome these.

At Quarriers we approach the future positively – we now know that the world will be forever changed by the impact of COVID-19.  Our service delivery has adapted, our staff have risen to the challenge, our connections have strengthened – and most importantly, people continue to be safe, well, happy and supported.

Dr Ronald Culley
Chief Executive Officer

Annual Review 2020