Our values

Our work is led by values that stay true to the principles that have made Quarriers what it is, and also reflect our ambitions for the future.

These values apply to all of us: trustees, staff, people we support, volunteers, families and carers, and are an integral part of our induction, training, work policies and staff appraisal.


We strive to enable individuals to meet their needs and fulfil their aspirations.


We respect individual choice and promote inclusion, rights and independence.


We will continually develop a workforce with the necessary enhanced skills to deliver the highest level of person-centred support.

Honest and open

We believe being honest and open is the basis of trust. Trust is what good relationships are built on.


Listening and working with people to achieve what they want and need.


We respect the unique worth of every person: people we support, families, carers, employees and volunteers.