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Thirteen-year-old Becky has experienced multiple traumas. 

She grew up in a household where she saw domestic abuse and problematic substance misuse. After her mum died in an emergency situation, Becky went to live with her gran, who has health issues.  

Over the past two years Becky became increasingly isolated and depressed. Her Quarriers support worker made a visit because of concerns for her safety. She helped Becky and her gran get in touch with the G.P. and referred her for specialised mental health support.  

Becky loves science and cats and loves the colour green.  

She’s 13, but Becky has never been to the cinema.  

A donation to Quarriers Children’s Fund today could help fund a day trip with a support worker – like a trip to the cinema for a child or young person like Becky.  

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Becky’s support worker Danielle says,  

“Becky is so isolated. When I went to see her recently she was breaking her heart. This pandemic has messed with her self-esteem so much. She has really been completely on her own for months and has told me she feels she has not one friend in the world. 

When I found out she’s never been to the cinema I just wanted to make that happen for her.  If we can arrange for some other young people to come along too, we hope it will help Becky make some connections with other young people.” 

Positive experiences for young people like Becky are needed, right now.   

Give a young person the chance to thrive. It’s time.  

Your donation will be used as part of the Quarriers Children’s Fund, to provide experiences, material resources, and additional support for children we support at Quarriers. If we exceed the money needed, then your donation will be used where it is needed most within Quarriers.

To protect real children from identification and respect their rights to their own life story, some details have been changed.

Thank you. Quarriers is a registered Scottish Charity No. SC001960.