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11-year-old Mia is dealing with the long-term impact of Covid.  

She was rushed into intensive care last year. After a very worrying time she began to recover but Covid had harmed her underlying health and Mia developed diabetes.  

A diabetes diagnosis can lead to depression, mood swings and stress. For Mia, the whole experience changed the way that she felt about herself. She had to learn to inject herself with insulin and to manage her glucose levels. She felt vulnerable and anxious about her health, and she felt very different from her classmates.  

She began to withdraw into herself – some days teachers could see her welling up with tears in the playground.  

Mia loves watching Strictly, anything with pink fluff on it, and chips.  

Mia has never been bowling.  

A donation to Quarriers Children’s Fund today could help fund a brilliant day of fun for Mia. 

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Mia is supported by a Quarriers Mental Health in School service. She has her own support worker who is helping her with strategies to build her confidence, connect with other children and get the most out of school.  

Mia’s support worker Jackie says,  

“It would be amazing if we could take Mia bowling. She needs some fun and it will help Mia feel just the same as other children.” 

The funding for exciting, positive, important experiences for children like Mia depends on people like you.   

Give a child the chance to thrive. It’s time.