Change a childhood

Some of Scotland’s children are facing so much. None of it is their fault.

We’re raising money to give them the chance for memorable experiences and positive activities.

Please help lift their spirits and build their confidence.

Change a childhood

Choose a childhood-changing gift

You could provide:


A starter session of a new activity could spark their interest.
Price: £ 10.00
Entry to an attraction means the chance to forget worries.
Price: £ 15.00
An outing they will never forget, including travel, ticket, lunch and a treat.
Price: £ 34.00
Specialist equipment for sports, clubs or hobbies they can take part in.
Price: £ 50.00
Gift a whole term of a hobby and bring them on in leaps and bounds.
Price: £ 100.00
A sit down with an ice cream or a bag of chips helps to make a day out.
Price: £ 5.00

Your kindness is a superpower.

“Right now, many families are struggling to cope with the cost of living and there is nothing left to cut back on. Children are bearing the brunt.

If you are a caring person, like me, it’s difficult not to worry for the future.

But it’s not hopeless.

I used to think that how much I cared was a weakness. Now I know it’s my superpower – because I know we can change children’s lives.

In my job, I see children and young people finding their feet, opening up, feeling more confident in themselves, and learning how to trust.

Together, we can stop a difficult childhood casting shadows for life.”

Claire, Mentoring Co-Ordinator

As a toddler, it wasn’t safe for Archie to be with his mum and many traumatic events happened, including a house fire that he still talks about with terror. He is being assessed for PTSD.

Archie’s grandparents stepped in to care for him. Then last year, Archie’s grandma died, and his dad died soon after. Now his grandad, John, who is in his 70s, has sole responsibility for Archie.

Archie is very anxious about meeting new people and has little self-belief, saying “I can’t do it” and “I’m no good” about simple tasks.

We can help Archie find his confidence and feel better by finding him something fun he can do that is just for him.

He’s 10, but Archie can’t swim. If we could provide Archie with one-to-one swimming lessons he’d have fun, let go of worries, and do something energetic. And learn a new skill.

You know those wonderful moments when a child realises they can do something? Imagine that happening for a child like Archie and please consider helping.

Donate now. 


“On meeting Archie, it is impossible not to be compelled to do everything you can for him. He is capable and can learn, and he just needs the right input.  I honestly see so much potential given the right support.”


Your gift plays a vital role in year-round care and support. In the coming year we will work with almost 2,000 children and young people in our services across Scotland, including –

Young Carers.

Offering one-to-one support for under 18’s caring for a family member due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction.

Family support.

Working with families affected by disability, helping children and young people get the right downtime for them, and helping them develop independence skills.

Support for school.

Helping children and young people build resilience and get the most from their school experience, no matter what’s happening at home.

You could provide help with hobbies

“Getting Dylan along to boxing club has been absolutely vital.

He just would not have had the opportunity without funding for the kit he needed.

Now, I see him getting more engaged, lighting up and talking about things with enthusiasm.

It’s given him a whole new lease of life.”

Brian, Volunteer Mentor

You could give them a day to remember and lift their spirits.

“Last year, we were able to provide a day at the science centre for Emma and her daughter Skye. The interaction between mum and Skye was lovely to see. Getting out of the house and away from worries was wonderful for them – I was actually crying.”

Sarah, Support Worker

Help with your donation

Call to donate

  • Call our team on: 01505 690875


  • Send a cheque, postal order or CAF Voucher to: Quarriers Fundraising, Inverclyde Regional Office, Laing Shrewsbury, Quarriers Village, Bridge of Weir, PA11 3SX

* Donation amounts represent examples of the personalised experiences, activities and resources we know will benefit young people.

Once the funding required is raised, your donation will be used where it is most needed within Quarriers.