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The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre is registered and inspected as an independent hospital with Healthcare Improvement Scotland.

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If you would like to discuss a referral or find out more about the service we provide, please contact the Senior Administrator and ask to speak to the Epilepsy Nurse Specialist or Unit Manager. The Senior Administrator is available Monday to Friday, from 8.45am to 4.45pm:

Telephone: 0141 445 7750

The centre is staffed 24 hours.

Email [email protected]

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The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre, 20 St Kenneth Drive, Glasgow G51 4QD

Tel: 0141 445 7750

The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre

The William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre (WQSEC) opened on the 12th of April 2013. This state of the art facility with world-class diagnostic technology takes epilepsy services in the UK to a whole new level. The WQSEC is just the beginning of our ambition, not the end. The needs of people with epilepsy have driven our ambition to take a more strategic role:

  • Increasing understanding of the needs of patients with epilepsy through research.
  • Increasing aspirations of healthcare professionals for seizure management through training and awareness raising.
  • Training the next generation of healthcare professionals in epilepsy

Why do we need this service?

  • Epilepsy is a neurological condition which can have a huge impact on day-to-day life. Around 3,000 people in Scotland will be diagnosed with epilepsy this year alone.
  • Epilepsy can kill. More people died from epilepsy in 2018 than of Aids, Hepatitis, Meningitis, TB and Cystic Fibrosis – combined!
  • Over the lifetime of the building, 10,000 lives will be transformed and the number of deaths reduced.
  • The Centre combines Quarriers’ expertise with one of the world’s finest neurology teams and enable access to a wider range of diagnostic technology.