Challenge yourself

Aim high, be brave, do your best and make a difference.

Choose a challenge

Walk, run, cycle, climb, swim, golf, dance – even roller-skate!

With friends or solo, do your own thing, or join an organised event like the Kiltwalk or Great Scottish Run.

Try your best

Nothing feels as good as seeing your hard work pay off.

Whatever you choose, your donation will help us be there for people who need vital care and support.

Be inspired

Your gift could help someone with additional needs to experience wellbeing at home.

“You can see Andrea become relaxed in the sensory room.”


Conquer your fears

Supporting Stars


Raised £2,260

by…. getting a team to do the 2.6 Challenge

“I walked up and down the equivalent of two skyscrapers’ worth of stairs, something I didn’t think I was capable of.”


Raised £1700

by….. facing his fear of needles and getting a tattoo

“I’ve been helped so much by the Epilepsy Fieldwork Service, I wanted to give something back.”


Raised £700

by….having her head shaved

“I wanted to find the courage to do something really out there.”