Children and Families services

There is one very important truth at the heart of our children and families support services: every family’s needs are different.

Through our wide range of support services, we help thousands of families to work towards a brighter future together.

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  • residential childcare & childcare at home
  • short-break respite & befriending
  • nursery facilities & playgroups
  • drop-in services & health information
  • emotional and practical support
  • carers & fostering services
  • family resource centre

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School Based Services

To help support a new generation of young people facing unique challenges and opportunities, we have developed a suite of services and approaches which can be tailored to meet each individual schools’ and child’s needs.


Each carer has their own story and a special set of circumstances. You could be caring for a parent, your son or daughter or a brother or sister. You might be looking after your husband, wife or partner, a friend, neighbour or relative. The people you care for may need help because they have a disability, mental health issues or a long-term illness. They might need help to overcome alcohol or drug misuse, or they may be too frail or elderly to cope on their own.

Quarriers is here to listen to, encourage and support carers. We will prioritise your needs, give you advice and information specifically for carers and support to you access respite services.


Childcare at home

Quarriers specialises in bringing childcare into the home. There are many benefits associated with providing home-based childcare for families, including maintaining family routines, encouraging everyday activities and helping children to feel safe in familiar surroundings.


Residential childcare

Quarriers offers short and long term care for children with complex needs and behaviours in our residential homes for children. We work with their families, care organisations and professionals to give them independence and confidence, and we ensure that they receive the highest standard of care possible.

Short breaks

Quarriers runs short break and respite centres across the UK, which give children and families a safe and homely environment to relax in. Our respite centres for children with disabilities feature bright bedrooms and state-of-the-art sensory rooms, while short break homes have all the features you associate with a peaceful holiday. They allow children with a disability to have a holiday and give respite for families whose lives involve round-the-clock care.

Family centres

Quarriers Family Centres offer a range of personalised support services for families, including parent support groups for mums and dads, health and wellbeing workshops and  activity groups for children.

Quarriers has really brought my confidence up.

Person supported by Quarriers