Let's talk about mental health

Our mental health services have all been developed in close collaboration with the schools and young people who use our services.

Primary 7 section resources

Exploring emotions

Lesson 3

This lesson continues to explore emotions. We look at words used to describe emotions, discuss thoughts about different feelings and increase the children’s knowledge about emotions. We look at how people are exposed to the emotions of other people without even knowing and how we make emotional connections to songs.


Lesson 5

This lesson is designed to address the stigma around mental health. It allows children to look at different perceptions of mental illness and challenge these. It introduces the idea of mental illness and how we as a society may view it.


Lesson 6

This lesson focuses on depression. It outlines the signs and symptoms, and provides opportunities for children to explore what depression is.


Lesson 7

This lesson explains that anxiety is normal and we all experience it. It is our natural response to perceived danger and what triggers our fight and flight responses. The lesson also covers anxiety disorders.


Lesson 8

This lesson is to provide a better understanding of bipolar disorder and explain to children about what it is like to experience psychosis. The aim is to give children a sense that people with bipolar disorder can live normal lives even if they have experienced psychosis.

Self harm

Lesson 10

This lesson addresses the concept of self-harm. It will explore the idea behind coping strategies and explain risk factors and issues surrounding self-harm.


Lesson 11

This lesson introduces the concept of suicide. The lesson focuses mainly on a class discussion and how suicide impacts on people. It also highlights that people should think before deciding to take their own lives.

Eating disorders

Lesson 12

This lesson introduces the idea of eating disorders, body image and how they are linked. The class activity will focus on helping to build self-esteem and show the children that even people they do not normally talk to can see good qualities in them.


Lesson 13

This lesson discusses attention deficit hyperactive disorder, attention deficit disorder and autism. The children will explore the difference and similarities between all three conditions. The focus of the lesson is how the conditions impact on individuals as well as their families and friends.


Lesson 14

This lesson focuses on dementia, specifically looking at Alzheimer’s Syndrome and how it affects sufferers. Children will learn about how the brain works to make connections and how difficult things can be when these are disrupted.

Primary 3 - 4 section resources

We all have feelings

Lesson 1

These are activities which can be split over a few lessons to look at feelings. This is not a set lesson but will provide ideas on how to explore emotions further with the children in your class.

Power of Words

Lesson 2

The lesson discusses the power of words and how they can impact on others. This lesson looks how words can have both positive and negative impacts.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Lesson 3

This lesson explores the concept of confidence. Through the story and activities, the children will look at what confidence means and how they can be more confident.

Everyone is Different

Lesson 4

This lesson begins to explore how everyone is different and unique in their own ways. It provides the children the opportunity to discover what makes them different.


Lesson 5

This lesson focuses on teaching the children the meaning of resilience by showing them examples and exploring strategies to overcome difficult situations.


Lesson 6

This lesson begins to explore the concept of respect and allows the class to create their own set of respect rules. These rules can be used throughout the rest of the school years as part of the codes of conduct.