School Based Services

Quarriers is uniquely placed to support children and young people across Scotland to learn about their own health and wellbeing.  Through our schools-based services, we help them to recognise and acquire the skills necessary to live healthy, happy and fulfilling lives. 

Our experience shows that effective learning comes from a shared understanding of wellbeing underpinned by children’s rights and a focus on positive relationships across the whole school community. To help support a new generation of young people facing unique challenges and opportunities, we have developed a suite of services and approaches which can be tailored to meet each individual schools’ and children’s needs. Please take a look our services below.

Free resources

Helpful guides to share with pupils and parents.

Life after Lockdown

Life after Lockdown - A short guide offers some ideas on ways to cope with life after lockdown.Now that we are getting closer to our life after lockdown with restrictions easing, we may have lots of feelings about the changes ahead. This short guide offers some ideas on ways to cope with life after lockdown.


Moving up - A handbook for children starting high schoolMaking that move from primary to secondary school can be exciting and scary in equal measure. This handy workbook helps children understand how they are feeling, tackle worries and prepare for the new school year.


Looking after your wellbeing during Covid-19 booklet front cover.

Young people face so many different pressures and opportunities, and this year we could not have foreseen the added challenges of COVID-19. We’ve developed this handbook to provide young people with strategies to help when times get tough.

Support options for your school

Quarriers school-based support booklet front cover.

Quarriers has been delivering support in schools for 18 years and has a great deal of experience supporting pupils facing challenging circumstances.

 Working within the Pre-Five sector and extending our reach to senior school pupils, we have developed extensive and innovative resources that have a positive impact on children’s wellbeing and support them to reach their learning potential. 

Borders Resilience for Wellbeing Service

Quarriers Resilience for Wellbeing Service works with young people up to the age of 18 to improve their wellbeing through time-limited interventions to help build confidence and develop the resilience to cope when times are tough. The service runs in all secondary schools in the Scottish Borders, and support includes one-to-one sessions, group work, drop-in sessions and parental guidance and support. Resilience Practitioners encourage young people to take responsibility for their wellbeing, empowering them to become more resilient and enabling them to thrive both in and outwith education.

Opt-In Early Years

Opt-In Early Years works in pre-school services and primary schools in south west Glasgow to promote positive transitions to primary school, and works within schools to help children become engaged and capable learners. The service supports children to socialise, build relationships and understand their emotions, and works with parents and carers to promote wellbeing and positive attitudes to learning at home. The service’s early intervention approach has a proven track record of helping children to be happier at school, and has been evaluated positively by partners and funders.


Quarriers Opt-In Service has been running for almost 18 years and supports around 700 children every year. Working across six learning communities in south west Glasgow, the service supports children in P6-S1 who have been referred due to concerns about their learning potential in mainstream school.

The service focuses on improving wellbeing and promoting positive engagement with learning through group work alongside individual support addressing issues including anxiety, relationships, organisational skills, bullying, challenging behaviour and grief and loss. The service delivers transition support in 28 primary schools, helping young people to prepare for moving to secondary school.

Let’s Talk

Let’s Talk operates in 14 schools across north east and south west Glasgow as well as delivering in Renfrewshire. Staff provide whole-school support including addressing pupils’ concerns and supporting families, and have been critical to schools’ drive towards improving attainment.

Let’s Talk focuses on providing interventions for individual children and their families, and the team works with school partners to support positive transitions through group work as well as raising awareness of mental health issues within school communities and working with partners to deliver tailored support for each school’s wellbeing needs.

School-based Counselling

In response to identified needs, Quarriers established child-centred counselling services in schools in south Glasgow including supervision and support networks for counselling staff. Quarriers is at the forefront of developing this area of support for pupils requiring a higher level of intervention.