Supported Living Services

Living a fully involved life

We support individuals to live in their own home and enjoy an active life in their local community.

Approaches to care and support are person-centred, needs-led and embrace individuals’ personal goals and aspirations. We can support individuals in all areas of their daily living, whether that is help with looking after a home, socialising or extra personal support. Whatever area of assistance is required, we are there to help.

Every person we support is different, so our support is tailored to each individual’s needs. From choosing how their bedroom is decorated to what they eat and which activities they want to take part in, each person we support decides what support they need. We work closely with the people we support, their families and other professionals to make sure that the service provided is appropriate and the best that we can give.

Our staff are professional and very well trained. Some training can be tailored to suit the individual we are supporting so that we ensure that they receive the high quality of support they deserve: quality support that recognises all relevant disability housing legislation, good practice, and standards expected from a care provider.