Quarriers Finances 2019

Financial review

It has been a challenging year resulting in a net expenditure position of £2.2m, much of which was driven by increased staffing and agency costs. On a positive note, total income increased by £1.2m to £42.7m and the Fundraising team exceeded its income target delivering a total of £2.5m.

Notwithstanding the challenging environment, we have been  able to provide person-centred support to over 5,000 people across a diverse range of care models and geographic areas.

We also gained Living Wage accreditation during the year resulting in all staff receiving at least the real Living Wage.

Statement of trustees

This is an extract from the Annual Report and Financial Statements of Quarriers which was approved by the Board of Trustees on 26 August 2019. These summarised accounts may not contain sufficient information to allow a full understanding of the financial affairs of the charity.

For further information, the full audited Annual Report and Financial Statements can be obtained from the Director of Finance at the registered office of Quarriers
or the Registrar of Companies.

Extract from the Annual Report and Financial Statements of Quarriers for the year ended 31 March 2019.

Tom Scholes – Chair, Quarriers Board of Trustees
David Watt – Quarriers Board of Trustees