Choosing the right team

At Quarriers, we believe in finding the right person for the right job, and who better to help us than the people we support?

In line with the Charter for Involvement, Quarriers Inclusive Recruitment programme means that every person we support can get involved in choosing the staff who support them.

Involving people we support in this process is important as they can ask insightful questions and offer a different perspective on what is needed from a particular role. They can choose to be involved at any stage, from discussing what qualities an ideal candidate would have to sitting on interview panels.

This process has significant benefits for the people we support. It helps adults with a disability to develop confidence and speak out about what is important to them. It helps young people looking for employment to develop interview skills and think about what makes someone a good candidate. And it helps Quarriers to ensure that we recruit the best person for the job, someone who has our organisational values at heart and can provide life-changing support.

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“At the start I felt quite nervous but as the interviews went on I gained confidence and enjoyed myself.”
– Jimmy, supported by Quarriers

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