Christopher's story

Quarriers Enhanced Clinical Care Service is an inspiring example of how services can adapt and innovate to meet people’s needs in a rapidly changing health and social care landscape.

The service provides at-home care for children, young people and adults. Due to a range of complex health needs, they require ventilation support or support with nutrition, and would otherwise spend their lives in hospital as their survival is technology dependent.

Providing this support at home makes bespoke clinically-based care available to families who may have previously been unable to access services easily or who would have had to travel long distances. Christopher had been in the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow since he was born, while his family lived in Fort William. His parents were spending most of their time apart, Mum in Glasgow with Christopher and Dad at home with Christopher’s two sisters. They were exhausted, and each was missing out on seeing their children grow up.

The support provided by Quarriers has been life-changing. Quarriers worked with both the local and Glasgow health boards to develop a plan for Christopher to move home, and staff underwent intensive training to ensure that he would receive the high standards of clinical care he needed.

Over the course of three months, Christopher began a phased discharge via the family’s local hospital, spending three nights a week in hospital and four nights at home. Eventually, he was stable enough to return home full-time.

Christopher’s health and wellbeing have improved significantly, and he reaches small milestones every day. This has also had a positive effect on his parents and sisters: having him at home means they can simply be a family again.

“Life without this service would be very hard. The staff at Quarriers take excellent care of our son.”
– Christopher’s mum

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