The Sunshine Club

Everyone who has experienced an acquired brain injury has their own story about what happened to them, what life was like before, and how life has changed.

Quarriers Renfrewshire Head Injury Service provides practical and emotional support, from helping people to cope with day-to-day activities to budgeting and accessing resources in the community. The service also runs a weekly social group, The Sunshine Club, which helps people we support to meet others in similar situations and know that someone else understands how they feel.

In 2016, people supported by the service got together with SHIMS (Scottish Head Injury Music Support) to create a musical telling these stories. They discussed ideas at The Sunshine Club, and the songs and script began to take shape.

The result, Invisible, premiered in Largs in July 2017. Guido and John, who are supported by Quarriers, chose to share their own stories as part of the show, as well as performing with the band and playing instruments. And while all the stories are different, they have one thing in common: the support and hope that Quarriers Renfrewshire Head Injury Service has given them. Each story, while being very moving, is told with humour and positivity, and the show finishes on an inspirational note with the lyrics “I know that things are going to get better, then we can start all over again.”

“The great thing about The Sunshine Club is we can all empathise with each other knowing pretty much what each person is going through. “

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