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Big Lottery Fund – 2014
Big Lottery Fund – Reaching
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Brand’s Trust
Buttle UK
Cabelas Trust
Community Food
and Health Scotland
DC Leggat’s Charitable Trust
DWT Cargill Fund
Dr Guthrie’s Association
Erskine Cunningham Hill Trust
Fletcher Bequest Trust
GC Gibson Charitable Trust
Glebefoot Charitable Trust
Grand Lodge of Scotland
Hugh and Mary Miller Bequest
Inchrye Trust
James T Howat Charitable Trust
John Christie’s Trust
Leeds Building Society
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MA Black Foreign Trust
MV Hillhouse Trust
Maclennan Trust
Margaret Murdoch
Charitable Trust
MEB Charitable Trust
Miss AM Pilkington
Charitable Trust
Miss EC Hendry’s
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NHS Grampian Carer
Information Strategy
Noble Resolve Gospel and
Temperance Mission Auxiliary
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Souter Charitable Trust
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The Guy-Lockhart Charitable Trust
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The J & JR Wilson Trust
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Charitable Trust
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Charitable Trust
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Charitable Trust
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