Five ways in which Quarriers Technology Enabled Care is transforming care

Quarriers Technology Enabled Care (TEC) Service offers people who use Quarriers services flexible support options in the comfort of their own home through using a touchscreen tablet called a home hub. Here’s how the service is transforming care.

1. Managing your own care
The TEC software was developed with people we support to create a service which works for them. Each individual has a personalised interactive calendar on their home hub which links services with information such as reminders to take medication or appointments, enabling them to take control of their own lives and plan the things that they choose to do. Using the home hub enables people we support to live more independently in their own homes, while knowing that they can speak to staff or alert staff remotely when they need support gives them peace of mind.

2. Helping people we support develop digital skills
It’s hard to imagine our lives without smartphones and tablets. From banking and shopping to socialising, so much of what we do takes place online. But for adults living with a disability, accessing technology can be difficult and accessible equipment is not always readily available. The home hub is intuitive and accessible which enables people we support to develop crucial digital skills, and also enables them to access apps and websites that many of us take for granted.

3. Reducing isolation
Isolation is common among adults with a disability, but the home hub enables them to contact friends and family through Skype or social media. Quarriers also works with a team of volunteer befrienders who contact people we support through the home hub for regular chats. For people we support, this companionship can be life-changing: Alison in Renfrewshire loves chatting with her befrienders, while Westley in Inverclyde can keep in touch with his family in America.

4. Added value
Using the home hub to manage aspects of care and working with volunteers means that TEC gives people we support the opportunity to make their care package go even further.

5. Transforming service model
Technology Enabled Care helps Quarriers to become more efficient as an organisation by maximising the use of resources and in the deployment of staff. The home hub offers round-the-clock care, support and peace of mind as well as helping to reduce our carbon footprint by reducing unnecessary staff travel.

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