Mitchell takes a leap for Quarriers

Mitchell Strachan, 15, from Howwood, has signed up for an exhilarating challenge: to jump off a towering 160ft bungee platform in a heartfelt effort to raise vital funds for Quarriers, where his grandmother has worked since 1975.

Mitchell takes a leap for Quarriers

Mitchell is doing a bungee jump at the Riverside Museum on 19th May to raise funds for Quarriers Renfrewshire Supported Living Service, which supports adults with challenging and complex support needs to live an independent life. And you can join him as Quarriers has some spaces left for anyone brave enough to take the leap.

Mitchell’s motivation stems from a personal connection to Quarriers, one of Scotland’s leading social care providers, as his gran Helen Crawford has worked for the organisation for more than 40 years, and his mum has also recently started work with Quarriers. Gran Helen was initially an assistant house mother when the charity was a children’s home, and she now works for the Renfrewshire Supported Living Service, which she loves.

Mithcell is a pupil at Johnstone High School as well as working at Structure Barbers in Johnstone at the weekend and attending two nights a week for training. He hopes that his regular customers will be generous with their donations when they find out what he is doing.

He said: “I bought some clippers online and started cutting my friend’s hair in school. I was at the barber’s the following week and my barber, Mark Whittaker, was talking about a boy who was cutting hair at school, and I said, ‘That’s me!’ He offered me a job and I’ve been there ever since.”

Expressing her pride in her grandson, Helen said: “I’m so proud of Mitchell for taking on this challenge, but then I’m always proud of him and his brother, Josh. I’ll go along to support him, but I won’t watch when he jumps.”

Mitchell added: “I wanted to raise money and I think it will be fun. Some of my friends think I am crazy, and some others are now thinking about doing it with me.”

As Helen has worked with the charity since 1975, the people she supports are very dear to her.

“I moved to Renfrewshire Supported Living Service in 2002 when the people that I supported in Quarriers Village were moving into their own homes. My job is to empower the people we support to live independent lives.

“There are two people that I support now that I have worked with since 1982 – they are basically part of my family.

“I retired from full-time work in 2012, but I am still a relief support worker. Seeing the difference your support can make to help people reach their potential is always rewarding. I’ve really enjoyed my time at Quarriers.”

It’s a family affair with Quarriers as Mitchell’s mum, Louise Strachan is the Events and Community Fundraiser.

“Quarriers has been a huge part of our lives,” said Louise. “I have seen the great work my mum does for the people she supports, and Mitchell has too. That’s why he wants to help raise some funds by doing the bungee jump. We are excited to see how he gets on and how much he raises.”

There are a few spaces left if there are any willing volunteers to take on the bungee jump for Quarriers to raise vital funds. It’s easy to sign up. There is a reservation fee of £20, and fundraisers will be fully supported in setting up a Just Giving page. Contact [email protected] to sign up.

You can donate to Mitchell’s Bungee jump fundraiser at: Mitchell Strachan is fundraising for Quarriers (