Report: rising to the challenge

As we approach the two-year anniversary of the pandemic in the UK, we are extremely proud to report on just some examples of the massive efforts of Quarriers teams to provide frontline care and keep people safe and supported over this time.

We are glad to have been there.

Working to keep services open, no matter what

Across two years, 31,240 staff days were lost due to staff self-isolating or having COVID. But only two Quarriers services had to close, and for only 13 days.

Working to keep the show on the road: Christmas 2021

2021 was in many ways even more challenging than 2020.

We worked to keep up with the snowballing impact of the pandemic on mental health, and to adapt to ever-changing government guidelines. Just as it seemed we were over the worst, the Omicron variant brought unprecedented levels of absence during the festive season, as Quarriers staff were forced to be absent either due to infection or self-isolation rules.

Our teams’ focus on the people we support was inspirational, as staff who could work picked up shifts, reorganised rotas and missed out on their own Christmas celebrations in response to the crisis.

Christmas 2021



staff days lost



service closure days


emergency planning meetings

held by Quarriers senior managers

“I can’t thank my team enough. They have come in on their days off, they have stayed later if needed. It’s humbling.”

Amanda, Quarriers Supported Living team leader

Working to keep people safe in care homes and supported living residences

6 million gloves used since the start of the pandemic

Going above and beyond

When two people we support had to isolate, Senior Support Worker Meriem moved into the service for eight days, missing her daughter’s 16th birthday celebrations. It is just one example out of hundreds of moments when staff were there for people we support in extraordinary ways.

Working in schools

Working in nurseries, primary and secondary schools Quarriers teams have provided mental health support for children and young people, both in school and at home or in the community during times of social distancing.

15 nurseries
65 primary schools
16 secondary schools

Working in the community

2021 saw teams in youth homelessness, family support, fostering, epilepsy support, carers support, head injury support, drug and alcohol support, and our Family Resource Centre working with people through socially distanced means using digital resources, some made possible by donations to Quarriers digital appeal.

“I know we have been a welcome support to parents and carers struggling with challenges like employment, juggling home schooling and childcare, and keeping day to day routines for their families.”

Martin, Quarriers Children and Families Operational Manager