Quarriers launches new chat facility to support unpaid carers

If you are an unpaid carer and feel that you need more information on the support that you may be entitled to, the Quarriers Virtual Carers Centre has just launched a new chat facility to help carers to get the answers they need.

Unpaid carers across Scotland need as much information and support as possible to carry out their caring role, and with that in mind, the Quarriers Virtual Carers Centre, (https://carers.quarriers.org.uk/) which is an online information hub, has launched a new chat facility to offer immediate help to any carers’ enquiries from the Aberdeen area, as a test area before opening it up to the rest of Scotland.

Quarriers supports unpaid carers with services in Moray, Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Dumfries and Galloway, and northwest Glasgow, and that support transforms lives every day.

Every carer’s situation is different, and there is a wide range of reasons why they may need help, including illness, age, disability, alcohol or substance misuse or mental health issues, and when they need help, getting that help quickly is essential.

The Virtual Carers Centre (VCC) is a hub of information and resources for carers of all ages. A site that has been developed to give the resources and details of local support, shaped by the people that the services support.

Joanna McPherson, manager of Aberdeen Carers Support Service said: “For many carers finding the time needed to travel into our centre in Albert Street, Aberdeen, is difficult to manage around their care role, so having the chat facility will enable them to make contact from their own home. We will be able to share registration forms to join the service, answer questions carers may have about their care role or about the service itself and be able to signpost on to other services we think may help.

“To use this facility, all carers need to do is visit the Aberdeen section of the Virtual Carers Centre –https://carers.quarriers.org.uk/aberdeen-carers  and click on the purple and white chat button in the bottom right of the screen. Initially, for a trial period, the chat function will be available from 2-4pm, Monday to Friday.”

For more information about your role as a carer and how to seek advice and information, visit https://carers.quarriers.org.uk/