REACH Service

We support children and young people who find it difficult to attend school.

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REACH Service

Who is this service for

REACH is a Glasgow based service supporting children and young people who find it difficult to attend school. The service aims to promote the wellbeing of every child to ensure they can be supported to reach their full potential.

REACH supports children and young people, between the age of 5-16 who are enrolled in a primary or secondary school in Glasgow. Children and young people referred to REACH will find attending school difficult for a range of different reasons or will be at risk of further disengaging from school. Reasons for this could include poor mental health, including anxiety about attending school, language and communication difficulties or other concerns identified by people who know you well.

What we do

  • We work with the child or young person and their family to develop individual plans that will work for them.
  • We provide one-to-one support and are aware of issues regarding mental and emotional distress and wellbeing.
  • We are child centred and will identify and build on the strengths of each child or young person and discover what works best for them.
  • We will help children to identify and build relationships with other young people and connect them into the school and their community.
  • We will support parents and carers to help them understand the day-to-day pressures on their child and how to support them on to positive destinations.

Making a referral

A request for a referral can be emailed to [email protected] or contact the service on 07827 042202.