Epilepsy Community Outreach Service - Aberdeen

Supporting people in Aberdeen who have epilepsy as well as their families, carers and the professionals who support them.

Epilepsy Community Outreach Service - Aberdeen


Quarriers Epilepsy Community Outreach offers a range of services for people living with epilepsy, and their carers and professionals.

Practical advice

We provide information, support and advice on how to live well with epilepsy. We can advise you on matters such as benefits, housing and employment, and we can help you access appropriate local resources.

Specialist knowledge

We offer support in completing benefit application forms such as the new ADP, PiP, ESA and UC. Knowledge of epilepsy and the impact it can have on a person’s life is important to ensure people living with epilepsy do get the benefits they are entitled to. We can help in providing accurate information on seizures and the physical, social, emotional and psychological effects of living with epilepsy.

Help in the workplace

We can advocate on an employee’s behalf if epilepsy becomes problematic in the workplace, and we offer advice and training to employers so they know what appropriate steps to take should they have an employee who lives with epilepsy.

Training Delivery

Quarriers are particularly proud to present our pioneering ‘Epilepsy: Train the Trainer’ programme. This is delivered at the state of the art William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre and all Outreach workers have been trained to this high standard.

Epilepsy Community Outreach provide training in epilepsy awareness and the administration of rescue medication based on personal epilepsy care plans, to carers and loved ones of people living with epilepsy free of charge.
We can deliver free epilepsy awareness workshops to various places within local communities in order that people living with epilepsy are safe.

We deliver Epilepsy and Rescue Medication courses to other voluntary and statutory organisations who may work with people living with epilepsy. Please contact Norma Crawford for further information and costings.

Raising awareness

We seek to raise awareness of epilepsy and by doing so, reduce the stigma that people with epilepsy still face. We involve people we support in making decisions and planning, working together with families, health services, social services and other voluntary organisations to meet their goals.

Support as and when you need it

Where possible we are able to offer support to people living with epilepsy before and after assessment at the William Quarrier Scottish Epilepsy Centre

For some, our intervention may be brief, and they can continue with their life, having the information and support they need. For others, our input will be longer term, especially if they have epilepsy plus any co-existing condition, such as a learning disability, mental health problem or physical disability.

Epilepsy Outreach is provided free to clients. It is partly funded by the NHS and Health & Social Care Partnerships. The remainder of the funding needed comes for voluntary donations and Grants.

If you are living with epilepsy or caring for or supporting someone with epilepsy, please get in touch.

Support groups

Quarriers Epilepsy Community Outreach runs epilepsy support groups throughout Grampian and Fife. Anyone living with epilepsy is welcome, whether you experience epilepsy yourself or are caring for or supporting someone with the condition.

As well as mutual support and advice the groups often arrange speakers, social events and outings at other times depending on what the group agrees they would like to do. Examples include bowling, picnics, walks, snooker, swimming, and at times, more adventurous activities such as rock wall climbing.

The groups arrange fundraising activities which are a great way to have fun as well as getting together to raise awareness of epilepsy.

Groups meet regularly as detailed below but please get in touch to confirm details as venues may change due to activities. If attending for the first time is daunting, your Epilepsy Outreach worker can make arrangements with you to make it easier.

Family Support Groups

Parents and Carers can feel very isolated and alone caring for a child or young person living with epilepsy. Having others to talk to and share stories and experiences can be a great support.  Please get in touch with Norma Crawford for further information.

A new group is currently being arranged.

For more details contact Epilepsy Outreach worker Louise Copeland on 07741 707670 or [email protected].


Epilepsy Community Outreach Report

Epilepsy Community Outreach (ECO): Co-ordinating care through technology and workshops 

Funded by the Scottish Government – Framework for Neurological Care 2020 – 2025