Fountainview residential care home

Quarriers Fountainview Service is a registered residential care home for adults with learning disabilities.

Fountainview residential care home

What we do

Fountainview supports seven people located in Quarriers Village near Bridge of Weir. We promote ordinary life principles ensuring that individuals are supported to make choices and decisions with regard to how and where they live.

The minimum age we cater for is 18 years; however, the average age is over 46 years, with the eldest resident at 85 years. Our residents benefit from a good local GP service and Community Learning Disability Team, enabling a good knowledge and understanding of residents’ health care needs.

We provide transport to enable residents to participate in ordinary community events and access local amenities. Residents are supported to enjoy a full and meaningful lifestyle; going on holiday, visiting friends and family members, attending local colleges, IT and self-advocacy groups organised and supported by Quarriers.

Quality care

The service is inspected in accordance with regulation and has received high grades for the standard of care and environment. Quarriers staff are trained and supported to achieve the required qualification to work in the social care environment, which is also reflected within the inspection reports and grades awarded. Anyone can access and read inspection reports on The SCSWIS website.

All residents have moved into the service through social work referrals involving care managers from their local authority social work departments who fund residents care charges. All residents also pay a contribution to this charge in accordance with savings levels and benefit entitlements.

Regular review meetings are held with our funders to ensure the service is meeting the resident’s current health, social and emotional needs. Families, guardians or advocates also attend these meetings with permission of residents. To ensure we know and understand residents well, Community Connections workers within Quarriers have facilitated support plans which have been well received and respected by all involved and inspectors of the service.


Seven bedrooms

all with en suite shower facilities

En suite facilities

Communal lounge

Dining area

Modern kitchen

Beautiful countryside