Quarriers Village Supported Living

Quarriers Village Supported Living service supports people with disabilities to live independently within their own communities.

Quarriers Village Supported Living

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What we do

We aim to provide a homely, safe and nurturing environment for individuals. The service seeks to enable people to achieve autonomy and choice in the support and the opportunities they pursue.

Support staff promote the development of each individual’s life skills and their use of resources within the broader community, including accessing appropriate leisure and recreational activities. Staffing resources are used to ensure that a high quality of care is maintained within a system which affords continuity and accountability for all working practices.

Our support

Our key objectives are designed to support our tenants to:

  • engage in normal community experiences by being supported to use local resources
  • experience greater choice and participation in their support arrangements by being involved in developing their support plans
  • receive individually tailored support programmes to enable them to achieve greater control over all aspects of their lives by assessing and planning their support needs and involving relevant individuals, i.e. family and care managers
  • experience greater choice over their place of residence by regularly reviewing their needs and wishes
  • contribute to the development and policy of the service by being consulted on a regular basis
  • enjoy a greater circle of informal supports in their lives. This is achieved by greater participation in their local community

Quarriers Village Supported Living service is provided through partnership with social work departments and local authorities.