What If (Female)

Quarriers WHAT IF Female support service works with young women, aged 18-25 with complex needs.

What If (Female)

Contact Details

  • Quarriers BARLANARK Office, The Calvay Centre
    16 Calvay Road
    G33 4RE
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What we do

We provide an intensive support service and supported accommodation, however support is not always tied to accommodation. The service will continue to support young women when they are in other accommodation, prison or hospital.

We have a non-exclusion policy, providing consistency and continuity of support for approximately three years. The project aims to provide both physical and psychological safety, providing stability in order to enable the young women to start to address the trauma issues that are at the root of their difficulties.

The following issues will describe the range of issues being faced by the young adults we support:

  • They are currently homeless or are sleeping rough
  • They are currently inappropriately placed in other homeless provision or they are at risk of losing their current accommodation
  • They are likely have experienced childhood sexual abuse and trauma and have some form of attachment disorder
  • Their experiences are likely to have led (either in the past or presently) to forms of serious risk taking and/or harm to themselves, other young adults and the community at large
  • They have been assessed as having complex needs and are requiring the level of intervention provided within this specialist facility
  • They require a safe and protected environment
  • The range of serious risk-taking behaviour may include involvement in serious drug and/or alcohol use
  • They are at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system due to their behaviour
  • They would benefit from a resource that has the potential to prevent young adults from being held in secure accommodation and remand institutions
  • They are at risk of sexual exploitation and may be involved in prostitution. Many will experience poor physical health for a variety of reasons