What If (Male) Support Service

WHAT IF Male is based in the south side of Glasgow and comprises a core building which consists of project base/office and five flats for young people. The service also has an additional flat in the local community. We have a mixed gender staff team, are staffed 24/7 and also provide response on call cover.

What If (Male) Support Service

What we do

We offer a unique model of support that is not replicated anywhere else in the UK at present to young males aged 18-25 years with complex needs, history of trauma and/or abuse who have been unable to sustain previous accommodation placements. Through consultation and involvement of young people we try to ensure that the supports offered meet the needs identified by young people.

A minimum of 29 hours support per week is provided through our service. Young people receive housing support (i.e. independent living skills) and therapeutic support (i.e. emotional support, access to counselling, building social networks and strengths etc). Each young person completes a support plan with their key worker, which will specify the supports and goals that they have identified, and this is reviewed regularly. All support offered promotes the empowerment of young people that we support – negotiation with young people is continually employed.

Many of the young people we support have experienced complex trauma and rejection. Part of our therapeutic role is providing appropriate re-nurturing to assist young people to work through attachment issues. We are aware of young people’s fear of rejection and are patient and consistent in meeting their support needs. Dependence upon our service and the supports offered is often a part of healing, and by continually ensuring that requests for support are met, young people regain a sense of security and build self-esteem which will allow them to move towards independence.

The service operates a non-exclusion policy, therefore we will never exclude any young person from accessing support. Young people will not be discharged for any reason, including challenging behaviour. Our young people will have often experienced compounded rejection and instability and will require on going reassurance of continual support. Young people will still experience consequences to their actions/behaviour – but rather than artificial, punitive measures the young people we support will learn through natural consequences.
Access/referrals to the service are made through Glasgow City Council’s Resource Priorities Group within Social Work Services.