Family Resource Centre

Quarriers Family Resource Centre works with families experiencing difficulties. These difficulties can arise as a result of a range of issues such as poverty, domestic abuse or mental health issues.

Family Resource Centre

What we do

The aim of the Centre is to work with families to overcome their difficulties, and achieve a more balanced family life. This is achieved through practical programmes to aid bonding, attachment and build positive relationships.

Children can be supported through placement in the attached Quarriers Ruchazie Nursery, providing high quality childcare for zero to three-year-olds. Parents are supported through a range of initiatives, determined by the nature of the difficulties being faced by their family. One-to-one counselling, advice and support programmes and parent/child activities for engaging the family as a unit are all delivered from the Family Centre.

The Centre itself is a purpose built facility, with practical resources designed to provide a welcoming space to participate in activities. The Tranquility Room provides a quiet space for counselling and one-to-one support while our Treatment Room allows parents to have holistic therapies on site to aid relaxation and promote well-being. A large open plan living / eating / playing area looks out onto the garden and a fully equipped kitchen allows parents to take a hands-on role in healthy eating initiatives.

Support plans are put in place for families. These plans are made up of support programmes which are organised on an individual and group basis, with activities that provide support and guidance. This may include:

  • Women’s group
  • Dad’s group
  • Intensive work with individual parents and children
  • Playtime
  • Parenting classes

These activities, combined with one to one sessions, work together to form an individual plan for the family, addressing key issues and working on skills to help overcome their own specific difficulties. These plans are evaluated at regular intervals, to ensure the needs of the family are being met and progress is being made.

Families can come to the Family Resource Centre by referral from an external agency or can refer themselves by simply calling or dropping into the centre.

To find out more about Quarriers Ruchazie Family Resource Centre, contact us.