You can help a child to smile again.

For many children, the change and turmoil of the pandemic has been overwhelming.

Right now, children coping with additional challenges need to feel any sense of hope and normality that we can give them.

The pandemic has changed the experience our children have had of childhood. The world has seemed a scary and unpredictable place, and the isolation and stress of lockdown has had a huge impact.

Many of the children we support at Quarriers are doubly vulnerable.

Across Scotland, Quarriers teams support young carers, children with complex needs and their families, children and young people who are in care or have been in care, and families coping with the effects of poverty. We also provide schools-based mental health services for children and young people.

Quarriers teams are seeing high levels of anxiety, low mood, lack of motivation and loss of confidence in the children and young people we support. We have huge concern for children’s mental health.

We know that fun, play, and company are the very best therapies for children and young people.

As restrictions ease there is now a chance to help children have magical and exciting experiences again, but we desperately need the resources to provide the support children need to move on.

“We are seeing lots of tears and anger, fear and upset.”

Quarriers Family Practitioner

There has never been a better time to help children forget their worries.

Poverty, disability and disadvantage will make it too hard for many families to give their children positive experiences.

£15 could help provide specialist equipment, toys and games, or fun activities.

Now is the time for recovery and looking forward.

You can be part of it.


A young girl smiling.

Helping Jade

Eight-year-old Jade is a young carer. Her brother Kyle has recently been diagnosed with autism. He is non-verbal and finds communication very difficult and frustrating. He can become distressed and violent towards himself, causing stress for Jade and the whole family. The creation of a sensory area that soothes and calms Kyle would have a positive impact on family life.

Your gift could help fund sensory equipment for a child with autism.

A young boy sitting at the side of a path.

Helping Jamie

Jamie is four. Before the pandemic, he experienced the trauma of domestic abuse in the home. His mum has bravely taken herself and the children away from the situation and is accessing mental health support to help deal with the impact of those experiences. She is a lovely young mum who is striving to give Jamie and his sister the happy upbringing she herself didn’t have. They all need to get out of the house for at least one day of fun over the summer.

Your gift could help fund a trip to soft play, a museum or the cinema for a family.

A teenage girl standing in the street.

Helping Libby

Libby is in third year at school. Following an incident within the family home, she was placed in care 80 miles away, and her siblings were placed in care in different locations. She misses her siblings greatly but because of lockdown restrictions, they haven’t had the opportunity to see each other.

Your gift could help fund a day for a child to have fun with the family.  

Teams at Quarriers are here and ready to make sure great things can happen with your gift.


Case studies are examples of the type of support children may need. To protect children’s privacy details have been changed.

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