usman's Story

“I like everything here.”

Usman lives at Mearns View, a specialised service that is home to five men with autism. Service Manager Angela Denny asked Usman what he likes about living there and he said, “I like everything.” Angela talks about the support that makes it home.

We are a unique service in Quarriers.

We are the only service where people are supported one-to-one for up to 130 hours a week.

We offer comprehensive support.

Our support is person-centred, so that means we focus on the needs of each of the five guys who live here. But it’s also a shared environment, so we have to balance everyone’s needs.

The job is about finding out the forms of communication that work best for people.

The people we support are all good at communicating their needs. Support staff work together to compile communication pathways that outline the intricate details of how each person should be supported. It’s all about getting to know each person and building trusting relationships.

“Usman’s growth has been remarkable. Usman’s family shared in the care for him and when they came to us they were in crisis – families often don’t make the move towards looking for care until they are in crisis. What works for Usman is the consistency of a routine, and we can do that here because we are offering intense one-to one support. One notable achievement is that Usman took swimming lessons and learned to swim.”

We make a huge difference for the people we support.

When staff look back at the difference in all the people we support since we opened, it is immense. They and staff should feel very proud. It’s great to be able to say, “that’s you that’s making that difference”.

We’re there through tough times as well as good times.

Some of our young men have had early childhood trauma. Some have experienced bereavement. Their family may have been struggling with their care. They have sometimes been moved about a lot. Many of the day centres have closed, and money is getting tighter for families whose savings are impacted by fuel bills and the cost-of-living crisis.

But it’s a happy home. From ordering their favourite coffee and food, to taking them out clubbing, to college, or for a drive, to finding holidays they would like to go on, we’re focused on helping the guys live the life they choose.

I love my job.

I like working with people with autism and learning disabilities. I like that what you see is what you get – there’s a pureness to that. I am fiercely protective of all the people we support at Mearns View. I just want the best for them, and I consider this to be their forever home.


“I hope Usman can live at Mearns View forever.”

Usman’s big sister Farzana shares his guardianship. She explains how Usman’s happy home means joy for the whole family.

There are 14 years between Usman and I, and I have always done a lot for him. Looking back, I was a young carer. He was the first person in the family to have a disability and my parents found it hard. I’d be out with friends and my parents would call to say, “Can you come home? Usman is not coping.” Or I’d go home early because I wanted to make sure things were ok. But my friends were great – if we were going out they’d say, ‘bring your brother.’

I went on a holiday one time with my sister, and it was for five days, but something happened with Usman, and I decided, “That’s it, I can’t go anywhere again”.

Things became especially difficult when I got married and moved out. My parents don’t have English as a first language, so taking him to appointments etc. is difficult for them. Usman was distressed more often. They were really struggling before we found the place at Mearns View. But since going to Mearns view Usman’s a changed man!

What’s great is that it’s one-to-one, which is what Usman needs. He loves to get out and about for dinner and the cinema and the amazing staff at Mearns View make that happen. I am confident in the care he receives at Mearns view.

As a family we all get together once a week for lunch at my parents’ and we love seeing the changes in Usman. He’s become more independent – he even makes himself tea and toast!

He’s learning life skills and he’s so happy at Mearns View.