Become a volunteer mentor at intandem.

Were you a young person once?

Have you got life experience?

Do you want to be the person you needed when you were young?

Then you could be a young person’s person.

“All you need is to have empathy for how it feels to be young. We’ll train you, and I’m here to support you. You could help a young person come out of themselves, feel valued – be seen.” Claire, Mentoring Co-ordinator

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What is mentoring?

It’s about being a dependable adult in the life of a young person who might have a lot going on at home. Volunteer mentors are matched with a young person aged 8 – 14 who is involved in the care system and meet them every week to chat, connect and listen to them. It’s also about having fun doing an activity, like trampolining, walking, swimming, or going to a café – whatever the young person wants to do.


What commitment do I need to make?

We ask that you commit to a minimum of one year with your mentee – lots of adults have come and gone from their lives and having a year with you can enable a young person to develop at least one consistent trusting relationship.

You will meet your mentee for up to 3 hours once per week, but it doesn’t always have to be the same time every week – you can work that out with the young person you support.


Will I get training?

Everyone has in-person training on topics like child protection, boundaries and confidentiality. You can also choose to do any further training course that interests you through access to Quarriers online training space Quarriers Academy.


Support for you

You will have regular check-ins with your coordinator as well as options to get involved in comfy coffee catch-ups every 6 weeks, a team WhatsApp group, and whatever support you need.


What now?

First steps are just hearing about you and what you’re interested in. If you can commit to a year we will arrange introductory training on the essentials. Once you know a bit more about us and we know more about you, we can match you with a young person whose interests and characteristics are a fit for both of you.

“Don’t think you haven’t got anything to give, because you have, and it will be hugely appreciated.” Mentor Ingrid

“If you’re thinking about mentoring, don’t hesitate.”

“My mentee and I have built this relationship between two people who are so different in age (I’m 64, and they are 12). We just get to have a really fun time together. I can see that they are gaining confidence when they realise that I am genuinely interested in them and their thoughts.

“I was speaking to the young man I mentor about how it helps. He said it gives him belief in himself and helps him to stay focused.”

“We went to the gym to enroll which I could see was positive for him. He proudly gave over his details then when all the paperwork was complete, he rang friends to say, “Well that’s me enrolled in the gym, see you there”.

“It has helped me to make friends”.

“I have been mentored by a few different mentors for 5 years. We recently looked at the goals I wrote down when I was 11. It was ‘help me make friends.’ Well, I’ve certainly managed that one. I didn’t have any real friends then. I’m now surrounded by mates that are totally sound.”

“There is no pressure. It’s just time together each week, and being a champion for your mentee.”

“Sometimes it’s just a chat on what their week has been like and getting some food and that’s all good.”

Your questions answered:


What will the young person be like?

Our young people are aged 8-14 at the point of referral and can stay with us as long as THEY feel there is a benefit. The young people are care experienced. All the young people are as different and brilliant and full of potential as any young person, with their own interests and qualities. Your mentee will be a young person we think you will match with.


What happens if it doesn’t work out?

If it’s not a good match we will take what we have learned from the experience and apply it to rematching you with another young person, if you want.


Will I be out of pocket?

No. There is an allocated budget for the weekly activity your young person chooses. Expenses are paid for travel and training.


Can I do it for more than a year?

Yes! If the young person wants to continue. A year is the minimum commitment, but mentors can be part of young people’s lives for longer.