Renfrewshire Head Injury Service

Quarriers Renfrewshire Head Injury Service provides support for people aged 16-65 living within the Renfrewshire area who have an acquired brain injury.

Renfrewshire Head Injury Service is unable to accept any new referrals. The service will be closing on June 7th, 2024.

For further information, visit Renfrewshire Head Injury Service closure – Quarriers

Renfrewshire Head Injury Service

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  • Engage Renfrewshire, Quarriers Renfrewshire Head Injury Service
    10 Falcon Crescent
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What we do

Acquired brain injuries have many causes including:

  • Sporting injury
  • Road traffic accident
  • Assault
  • Fall
  • Infection e.g. chicken pox, encephalitis, meningitis

We work with the person, family and carers to provide a co-ordinated and holistic approach. We raise awareness of the effects of brain injury and provide practical support to reduce isolation and enable people to reach meaningful outcomes and manage day-to-day living.

Quarriers work in partnership with the Health and Social Care Partnership within Renfrewshire.

Following referral, an initial visit will be carried out to establish what the client’s needs are and how we can best support them. Read more about referrals in our leaflet.

Recovering Minds Sessions

These sessions are facilitated by the Brain Injury project worker either in a small group or one-to-one to help people identify outcomes they would like to work towards.

Read more about Recovering Minds Sessions.

Group Support

The Sunshine Club and #Groupchat are community groups for people who have experienced an acquired brain injury to meet up in the community. Both groups are aimed at reducing isolation and assisting the person to engage with others including forming friendships and taking part in activities with people who have similar life experiences.

Read more about group support.

Family Support

Quarriers recognises the need to provide support for families and carers who play a major role in the rehabilitation and care of loved ones living with an acquired head injury. Carers can be put under a lot of stress coming to terms with their loved ones’ condition and the life-altering changes that need to be made.

We wanted to provide a designated project worker which would allow carers to approach their own keyworker for information, guidance and support. Including an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals who face many of the same challenges and experiences due to the injuries sustained by their family members.

Read more about family support.

Brain Injury Awareness Training

The Renfrewshire Head Injury Service offers Brain Injury Awareness training to clients, families and carers. This enables people to have better understanding of how an acquired brain injury impacts an individual.

Brain Injury Awareness training is available to Quarriers and Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership staff.


We accept telephone referrals from any source, for example:

  • the person with the brain injury
  • carers, friends and family
  • Social Work Department
  • GPs
  • health professionals

If you would like further information, please contact us.

Free legal support from Digby Brown

People supported by the service can now receive (on referral from their keyworker) information, advise and direct support to apply for certain benefits/claims.

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