ABC Supported Living

Quarriers ABC Supported Living is a housing support service enabling people with a range of levels of physical disability and learning disability to maintain their own tenancies and live a fully involved life within their local communities.

ABC Supported Living

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We provide support on a 24-hour, seven days a week basis, utilising sleepover arrangements or waking night shift where necessary. We are also able to focus support at a time that suits you, dropping in when you most need our staff to be there. This support is tailored to suit your needs, and where appropriate, assistive technologies can be used to maximise your own independence and privacy.

We are able to support you in all areas of your daily living, whether it be help with looking after your home, socialising or extra personal support: whatever needs you may have, we are there to help.

Our staff are professional and well trained to ensure that you will receive the high quality of support that you deserve: quality support that recognises all relevant legislation, good practice and standards expected from a care provider.